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My name is Rasah. I was born in August 1977 in Iran. My interest in art and handcraft started at an early age in childhood. We lived in an apartment, and for my siblings and me, the roof of this building was our exiting playground. The roof was sounded by the top branches of plane trees around the building, which somehow created a natural fence around the roof with individual privacy, good enough for being my art and handicraft workshop. By the way, we had a white metal swing there too.

During my teenage, I developed my artistic skills and frequently participated in art competitions, wherein I received several awards.

My strong passion for art guided me for studying art and industrial design later at Tehran's university of art, design and architecture. Afterwards, I started my papier-mache gallery, Rasah, in the beautiful and ancient city of Ghazvin, in the central part of Iran. Gallery Rasah is an award-wining gallery/workshop; quality certified authorised by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handcraft.

Besides my work in my gallery, I am a senior and permanent member of Modern Art Committee of the Ghazvin State, a lecturer at the art and technical college, and senior consultant and head designer considering product development, interiors and city and urban architectural furniture design.

Short facts about the city of Ghazvin

Romanised as Qazvīn, Caspin, Qazwin or Ghazvin is the largest city and capital of the Province of Qazvin in Iran. Qazvin was a medieval capital of the Persian Safavid dynasty for over forty years (1555-1598) and nowadays is known as the calligraphy capital of Iran.

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