Are you an artisan who makes or designs papier-mache artworks?

In that case, Paperarte will be a very beneficial and useful forum for you.

Since we have established, we have received admirations and positive feedbacks from people and professional who otherwise were not so aware of the fantastic world of papier-mache and almost endless possibilities for use papier-mache artworks in a wide range of occasions.

Paperarte's focus for presenting theme-based artworks has attracted several commercial clients for asking for bespoke designed items, decorations, sculptures, monuments, accessories etc. For that reason, we will be delighted for reaching out a sincere hand for collaboration with you who work professionally or as a hobby with creating papier-mache art of various styles and kinds.

Our cooperative model would be based on the fair and sensible principle for creating a sustainable ground for a joyful and developing collaboration.

If our invitation sounds interesting for you, please fill in the form below and tell us more about yourself and your artwork. Please note that filling the form below will not under any circumstances obliged either you or Paperarte for any further step or agreement.


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