Heroes of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Paperarte praises the courageous people risking their own lives to save ours


A Eco-Friendly Artwork

The Cause

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a large number of deaths and sequentially have affected people around the globe in several ways. There will be time to mourn the victims and care for the survivors. But it is also time to realise and appreciate the heroes who have emerged during corona crises. Our everyday heroes have shown kindness and strength when we need it the most. They have honoured us all with their commitment, dedication, and professionalism.

Millions of health care workers—physicians, nurses, technicians, other health care professionals, and hospital support staff, elderly caregivers, as well as first responders including emergency rescue personnel, and others who provide essential services and products—around the world have faced the challenge of providing care for patients with COVID-19, while often ill-equipped and poorly prepared, risking their own lives to save the lives of others. 

In addition, many other people such as law enforcement officers, army personnel, people in the industry making medical items for the workers on the front lines; scientists who make their outmost for defeating the COVID-19 pandemic; chefs, restaurants, food providers and delivery-workers who make sure no one goes hungry; all volunteers and other supportive resources have facilitated services sincerely to the society despite the chaotic situation, restrictions and risks.

Presenting the collection "Corona Heroes" is Paperarte's way to praise these heroes artistically and culturally.

This collection is a result of several months of genuine cooperation between the founder of the Paperarte, Mr Zeinali, Sweden-Stockholm and papier-mache designer and artisan Mrs Rasah in Iran. In addition, there have been several other people in the supply chain and logistic who made this idea possible.

Designing and creating the collection Corona Heroes is part of Mr Zeinali's philanthropic and multipurpose initiative "Heroes without Borders", with a start in Stockholm-Sweden, for honouring corona heroes. 

Donation & Support

A considerable share of revenues from Corona Heroes collection are going to;

  • Be donated to an appropriate and relevant charity organisation
  • Fund various projects for engaging and supporting unemployed youth
  • Support involved artisans in the initiative "Heroes Without Borders" who have been affected negatively as a result of the corona pandemic.

They are 

Our Heroes

Heroes could have various age, ethnicity, nationality, gender, occupation, faith but they are all human being with courage and willingness to make their utmost for others and/or the mother nature's wellbeing. It could be you, make the world a better place by your heroic efforts.


The artisan

My name is Rasah. I and my co-workers are so pleased and honoured for being part of the philanthropic initiative "Heroes without border" and contributing by our papier-mache art to this meaningful action under a challenging part of our life under Corona Pandemic.

Unlike my other previous creations, designing and creating characters in "Corona Heroes" collection has been a very new and fantastic experience in my artistic life. Never before my art has been created for communicating a huge social matter such as corona pandemic.

Re-creating people/heroes who do their utmost for our wellbeing in this corona crises, through papier-mache sculptures is my way to admire these heroes from the deepest part of my soul.

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