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Short facts about Paperarte

Paperarte is a Swedish trademark incorporate with AURADA, Aura Design and Art founded by Mr Soheil Zeinali who has a genuine passion for art, design and cultural heritage around the world. Papier-mache is outstanding craftwork which has been developed during centuries across the globe in a wide range of styles and applications.

Paperarte is a platform for papier-mache artisan for illustrating their arts and approaching art collectors, interior designers, art galleries, museums and also individual with a taste for a unique, fashionable and handcrafted piece of art made of papier-mache.

Apart from offering decorative, ornamental and monumental pieces of paper-mache arts, Paperarte differentiation, in comparison with other similar community, is our strive for reflecting things happening in the world and society around us. For that reason, we are willing to promote and cooperate with artisans who are able to create papier-mache artworks based on a particular theme related to events, happenings, news, phenomena, trends around us in the world.
The collection "Corona Heroes" is a clear example of Paperarte's theme-oriented focus.

Paperarte has been established to promote the art of papier-mache and also inspire people for decorating their homes, offices or commercial spaces with a piece of papier-mache art.

By creating the collection "Corona Heroes", Paperaret praises heroes in the frontline and also behind in the fight against health and socio-economic challenges caused by coronavirus pandemic.

Donation & Support

A considerable share of revenues from Corona Heroes collection are going to;

  • Be donated to an appropriate and relevant charity organisation
  • Fund various projects for engaging and supporting unemployed youth
  • Support involved artisans in the initiative "Heroes Without Borders" who have been affected negatively as a result of the corona pandemic.

Are you an artisan who makes or designs papier-mache artworks?

We welcome you to join us here in Paperarte